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Automobile Accident Lawyer Everett, WA

Automobile Accident Lawyer Everett, Wa

While motor vehicle accident deaths have been on the decline over the last several years, car accidents continue to occur on freeways and city streets. King County has more motor accidents than any other Washington county. In 2015, 77 people died, 691 suffered severe personal injuries, and 14,819 sustained less serious harm. That adds to the importance of finding an experienced automobile accident lawyer Everet Wa

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Unfortunately, many accident victims don’t realize how severe their injuries actually are until they have left the scene of the accident. They let themselves get tricked into saying they are “just fine,” when in reality, they may be suffering from potentially life-threatening injuries.

  • Soft-tissue injuries may take days to appear, yet can lead to long-term, chronic pain if appropriate chiropractic or osteopathic treatment isn’t administered.
  • A cracked vertebra or misaligned atlas bone can lead to spinal cord irritation or injury.
  • A head injury such as a concussion or epidural hematoma may take days to show symptoms, and in the case of children, may not show damage for years.

Never Say You Are Fine

Agree to medical evaluation after an accident, no matter how you feel. At the very least, it is likely you will need chiropractic treatment to reduce the chances that your accident starts a cycle of chronic pain.

Just because an injury isn’t life-threatening doesn’t mean it won’t have an impact on your quality of life for years to come. The same impact that causes whiplash trauma in the neck affects the entire spine. If you show symptoms of whiplash, your spine has been injured. Immediate medical attention is important.

Yet without proper legal representation, you will find it extremely difficult to collect compensation.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, don’t contact your insurance company first. Speak to a personal injury attorney first. If you call us at 425-444-4444 or 888-246-1945, we will provide a free consultation.

The Snohomish Law Group car accident lawyers have won MILLIONS* for our clients. If you are a victim of a car accident, we’ll work to get the money you deserve. We have the experience, reputation and the fight to win your case.

We provide representation for automobile injury cases to most of Washington, with special focus on King and Snohomish Counties. We have assisted clients with their car accident claims in Seattle, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace, Everett, Lynnwood, Mukilteo, Marysville, Mill Creek, Tacoma and Federal Way.

*Individual results may vary depending on the facts specific to your case. No attorney can guarantee results or predict the outcome of your case.

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