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What are Attorney Phil Wakefield's Clients Saying about Him?

Found Not-Guilty on DUI Charges

One night after a long arduous day of work and study I went for a pizza and some beers. After leaving the pub I fell asleep in my car and was eventually awakened by police, who subsequently arrested me for the charge of physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.

This traumatic event had potentially monumental repercussions on my life, since I am a graduate student about to begin a PhD, the sole provider and caretaker of my mentally disabled adult child, and have a small farm that requires my care and attention. In short I had a lot to lose. In fact I had everything to lose since the prosecution wanted to give me many months in jail based on my past record.

On the advice of a friend I hired Phil Wakefield to represent me. My friend told me that he is a lawyer who fights, and he did everything he said he would do. Phil did, in fact, take my case quite seriously. He went above and beyond and even beat my mandatory two year license suspension. Most lawyers consider that a separate case because it is administrative law, not criminal law, but Phil did it anyway.

The prosecution in this case was playing hardball. They offered me a “deal.” Reckless endangerment, 6 to 8 months in jail. I went for the jury trial. From the very start, during jury selection, it looked like I didn’t stand a chance. Right up to the end, when the jury went out to deliberate, it seemed like a worst case scenario. The jury came back in 15 minutes and then it REALLY looked like a loss. However, Phil’s diligence and dedication to this case paid off and we won a not-guilty verdict.

Thank you Phil for everything you have done for me and my family. Without a professional like you, my life would have been turned upside down. Honestly you gave me a last chance. You are one of the last of the real lawyers who actually fights for his client’s rights.

Thank you again.

- Steven

Got Drug Charges Changed from Felony to Misdemeanor Charge

While driving down I-90 eastbound, I got pulled over going 87 in a 70 mph speed zone, 10 minutes outside of Ellensburg, WA. When the officer approached my car, he immediately said he smelled marijuana. The officer gave me two options – give up the marijuana or he would impound my car and get a search warrant from the judge. I chose option #2. The officer handcuffed me and brought me to the station. While waiting for the warrant I went through rigorous interrogation. After showing me the warrant, they brought me to my car, handcuffed me to a chair, and let me watch them search my car. After about 7 minutes of searching, the cops found a pound of high quality marijuana, half ounce of high grade marijuana hashish, and $1000 cash. They then told me that I would probably either go to jail or prison and pay tens of thousands of dollars, and that I would have a felony on my record forever. I spent a night in jail. Then luckily I got bailed out.

Initially I was going to go with a public defender or just a local lawyer from Ellensburg, but after speaking with many people who understood my case, I knew I needed to go with a lawyer with experience and someone who actually cares. That’s when I met Phil Wakefield. I liked his track record, and for a lawyer of his caliber, the price was great. I showed him my court papers, and he went to work, not only putting so much time into my case but driving 3 hours to each and every one of my court cases from his headquarters down to Ellensburg where my court was held.

I didn’t see how I could get out of it – they had the evidence, they got my marijuana, my hash and my money, and to my knowledge the cops didn’t do anything illegal. It was election time, and they are usually extra hard on drug charges, so in my mind I thought I was screwed. I WAS SURE WRONG. Phil got $600 back of my unregistered money that I could not prove where it came from. Then, miraculously, he got my two felony charges of distribution of marijuana over 40 grams, and possession of marijuana over 40 grams, dropped to a conspiracy to buy marijuana, which is only a misdemeanor. Not only did Mr. Wakefield get my felony dropped, but I have no probation (I don’t have to get drug tests), my license did not get suspended, and not too much in court fines. THIS IS UNHEARD OF. Phil is an amazing lawyer and will definitely get you out of trouble. If I ever need a lawyer I’m going with PHIL WAKEFIELD again.

- Amani

Got Drug Charges Changed from Felony to Misdemeanor Charge

In March of 2008 I received a DUI after an accident I was involved in in the city of Lynnwood. At that time I was struggling with my alcoholism and Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome as a returning veteran of the war in the Iraqi theater. I had no excuse other than I drank and chose to get in a vehicle and drive. Phil and his office staff worked with me and continued to reassure me and my family about the case as it progressed. The results were a lower conviction of Reckless Driving and standard fines, which gave me the opportunity to pursue the help that I needed.

Unfortunately I squandered that second chance and continued to struggle with alcoholism and all of the symptoms surrounding PTSD. In January of 2009 I was parked in a neighbor’s driveway, drunk and passed out. Out of concern the neighbors called the police, and I was arrested for Physical Control of a vehicle. Again I contacted Phil’s office looking for yet another chance. Long story short, at this moment no charges have been filed and the case has been dropped after Phil challenged the law, saying I was in a safe parked area. The main premise of my story is that at as of this writing I have been sober since the date of my arrest and have been actively involved in my sobriety, Veterans Affairs, as well as the continued treatment for PTSD. This third chance has proven to me that indeed good people can get buried into trouble, but given the circumstances and proper avenues, good people don’t have to pay for mistakes endlessly.

Phil produces results. Without his assistance I probably would be in a complete different state of mind and place, and my family would be in turmoil to say the least. By handing Phil my legal issues I was able to focus on my other issues to a path of recovery. I’m a firm believer in paying for one’s mistakes, which I have done, but at a minimal impact thanks to Phil and his very supportive staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone that requires legal help.

- Barry

Found Not-Guilty on DUI Charges

I made the mistake of being pulled over on I-405 under the influence of alcohol. I was arrested and booked. The following day, I was given Phil’s number by a friend, and after one year of back and forth out of court, we were offered a Neg 1 and fine. We refused and told them we would go to trial…The court offered me a deal of deferred sentence – dismissed 18 months.

I’m happy with what I received. It keeps my career moving right along with no struggle. There will be no criminal charge on my record. This was my goal and Phil got it for me.

- Kristofer

Got Deferred Sentence for DUI

I was looking at the loss of my license for two and a half years. After pleading not guilty in Mason County District Court, I learned the arresting officer had fabricated a report describing speeding, crossing the entire roadway, drunken behavior during my arrest, out-of-character statements by me, and my shouting obscenities at him…I knew then that I needed a good attorney. I retained Mr. Philip Wakefield and reduced the charge to an infraction.

Another deputy prosecutor then amended the charge to DUI, Reckless Driving, and Negligent Driving First Degree. However, before my case went to trial, Wakefield, with his knowledge and skill, negotiated total dismissal of all charges. For this I’m truly grateful.

- Michael