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While driving down I-90 eastbound, I got pulled over going 87 in a 70 mph speed zone, 10 minutes outside of Ellensburg, WA. When the officer approached my car, he immediately said he smelled marijuana. The officer gave me two options – give up the marijuana or he would impound my car and get a search warrant from the judge. I chose option #2. The officer handcuffed me and brought me to the station. While waiting for the warrant I went through rigorous interrogation. After showing me the warrant, they brought me to my car, handcuffed me to a chair, and let me watch them search my car. After about 7 minutes of searching, the cops found a pound of high quality marijuana, half ounce of high grade marijuana hashish, and $1000 cash. They then told me that I would probably either go to jail or prison and pay tens of thousands of dollars, and that I would have a felony on my record forever. I spent a night in jail. Then luckily I got bailed out.

Initially I was going to go with a public defender or just a local lawyer from Ellensburg, but after speaking with many people who understood my case, I knew I needed to go with a lawyer with experience and someone who actually cares. That’s when I met Phil Wakefield. I liked his track record, and for a lawyer of his caliber, the price was great. I showed him my court papers, and he went to work, not only putting so much time into my case but driving 3 hours to each and every one of my court cases from his headquarters down to Ellensburg where my court was held.

I didn’t see how I could get out of it – they had the evidence, they got my marijuana, my hash and my money, and to my knowledge the cops didn’t do anything illegal. It was election time, and they are usually extra hard on drug charges, so in my mind I thought I was screwed. I WAS SURE WRONG. Phil got $600 back of my unregistered money that I could not prove where it came from. Then, miraculously, he got my two felony charges of distribution of marijuana over 40 grams, and possession of marijuana over 40 grams, dropped to a conspiracy to buy marijuana, which is only a misdemeanor. Not only did Mr. Wakefield get my felony dropped, but I have no probation (I don’t have to get drug tests), my license did not get suspended, and not too much in court fines. THIS IS UNHEARD OF. Phil is an amazing lawyer and will definitely get you out of trouble. If I ever need a lawyer I’m going with PHIL WAKEFIELD again.

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