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One night after a long arduous day of work and study I went for a pizza and some beers. After leaving the pub I fell asleep in my car and was eventually awakened by police, who subsequently arrested me for the charge of physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.

This traumatic event had potentially monumental repercussions on my life, since I am a graduate student about to begin a PhD, the sole provider and caretaker of my mentally disabled adult child, and have a small farm that requires my care and attention. In short I had a lot to lose. In fact I had everything to lose since the prosecution wanted to give me many months in jail based on my past record.

On the advice of a friend I hired Phil Wakefield to represent me. My friend told me that he is a lawyer who fights, and he did everything he said he would do. Phil did, in fact, take my case quite seriously. He went above and beyond and even beat my mandatory two year license suspension. Most lawyers consider that a separate case because it is administrative law, not criminal law, but Phil did it anyway.

The prosecution in this case was playing hardball. They offered me a “deal.” Reckless endangerment, 6 to 8 months in jail. I went for the jury trial. From the very start, during jury selection, it looked like I didn’t stand a chance. Right up to the end, when the jury went out to deliberate, it seemed like a worst case scenario. The jury came back in 15 minutes and then it REALLY looked like a loss. However, Phil’s diligence and dedication to this case paid off and we won a not-guilty verdict.

Thank you Phil for everything you have done for me and my family. Without a professional like you, my life would have been turned upside down. Honestly you gave me a last chance. You are one of the last of the real lawyers who actually fights for his client’s rights.

Thank you again.

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